Review: Overmont Camp Dutch Oven 11

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These are real reviews about Overmont Camp Dutch Oven 11.2x11x8in All-round Cast Iron Casserole Pot Dual Function Lid Skillet Pre Seasoned with Lid Lif… from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

I first read about Dutch Ovens when I came across a no-knead bread recipe that will only work on Dutch Ovens. On to this Dutch Oven, I decided to get this because it has the extra 3 legs for outdoor use.
The 3 legs will help the oven stand over a campfire in outdoor use. But the legs are short enough such that I can also put it over my kitchen stove without the legs resting on the base of the stove.
Instead, the Dutch oven rest on the grills on the kitchen stove. See photos attached. The surface of this Dutch Oven is not very smooth because it is cast iron instead of ceramic.
If you want a smooth surface Dutch oven, do not get this! It also includes an extra tool to lift the cover when it is hot.
It’s a really good quality cast!! Works perfect. Pretty thoughtful design for camping. But do except it is a little bit heavy.
I bought the Overmont 6 Quart Camp Dutch Oven Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Pot with lid. The product delivering is so fast that I received one day after I ordered.
The product is heavier and larger than my expect. I like its size that available to cook soup and stew. The pot can be used for camping and also can be used in the kitchen.
This thing is underpriced, fam. Sturdy, good-looking, holds heat very well. The drawback is that with the legs, you can’t really use it on the stove top. I like using it for making chili on the smoker – it’s built for outdoor cooking.
Update: I have used the 9qt and am pleased with it. The size is good, and I didn’t have any problems while camping-it worked as expected!I just received this today and was immediately surprised because it seemed small.
TL;DR: the pot holds 4qts, not 6.All the recipes I have for cooking Dutch oven meals while camping call for a 6qt, 12” pot. I thought that’s what I ordered.
I took a tape measure to it and sure enough, that 12” is measuring the widest part, from the outside of the handle attachments (and it’s actually less than 12”).
The interior of the pot, at the rim, is less than 10”. The interior height from base to rim is 3.5”. That’s a 4qt size pot. The product description says the pot holds 4200ml, I measured myself by filling to the rim and it took 3700ml (just under 4qts).
The product description says the upturned lid (the frying pan) holds 1500ml, mine held 1200ml filled to the rim. If you take the product description and add the pot volume and lid volume then ok, it’s basically 6qts-if you use the pot and lid separately.
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