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This is one of my favorite pieces of camping gear. I absolutely love the Nemo Fillo Pillow, so much so that I own 2 of them. I have owned 2 Nemo Fillo Pillows that I use for camping camping pillows for over a year and they are certainly my favorites. After a year of use I can certainly recommend these pillows to you as well. They are soft and only takes a couple of breaths to inflate. These pillows are quiet and are great travel pillows as well. You can roll them up into a small size for your backpack or toss them in the glove compartment of your car. If you travel or camp, these Nemo Fillo’s are a must have piece of gear.

I use mine all the time when I go hammock camping. The Nemo Fillo is made as part of the Nemo sleep system and some of their sleeping bags. They are very rugged and washable. They have a smooth and warm suede like side and if you flip the pillow over, there is a nylon side that will not hold much heat from your head. The back also serves as a stuff sack. You could actually put some small items inside for safekeeping. Add this pillow to your backpacking gear and you will thank me.

Here is an Amazon link for the Nemo Fillo Pillow and you can read more reviews,

Here is an Amazon link to the larger Nemo Fillo I featured in the video,

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