PTSD Emotions Sneak Up Like Weeds

You do not need to be a gardener to understand this analogy.
The plan is to speak plainly, and to be understood without an apology.

When negative emotions run rabid without notice fear, and anger grow.
They become like weeds that cover, replacing healthy seeds we sow.

While on a nature walk with my daughter this discussion came out.
We debated on how what I write to others, they cannot ponder about.

The subject matter Jesus refers to being from above, and not below.
His thoughts, were the same as Creator, Father’s concepts, you know.

Misunderstandings come if those around us never take the time to reflect so bold.
They become set in their worldly ways (like poured out concrete without a mold.)

Their past negative experiences create energy blockages around their hearts.
This is where their ability to reason, and empathize successfully parts.

Psychologists would refer to this process as having a “mental mechanism.”
The mind creates its own skewed version of an event for the heart’s protection.

Jesus’s disciples had to be grown, spiritually before He spoke to them freely.
When they trusted Him, and accepted He was the Word, Jesus spoke plainly.

His followers had to get rid of past lack of knowledge to understand Him, too.
That is what Jesus meant by not putting new wine in old wineskins to break through.

After a dream recently remembered, there was an instruction about my poetry.
What was needed to heal in rhyme was having a changed mind, you see.

Then doing Qigong is the magic eraser to cleanse the debris left behind.
Just after our first session of energy clearing, we will notice a changed mind.

That is the most difficult step to take, but essential before any change is birthed.
Once we put a positive, pointed idea out in the atmosphere it lifts from the Earth!

What we with PTSD do not understand is that this works against us when we are blue.
Contemplating on past hurts, and trauma keeps us sick in the mind, too.

How could a creative thought be set free like a dove from a cage if we live in the past?
Christ can give us the courage to open emotional cages so we can have peace at last.

It is important that we do not accept what others think of us as being our truth.
Their immature, materialistic perceptions may not have the essence of heavenly worth.

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