Foods For Camping, No Cooking, No Refrigeration!

As I sit here, I ask myself, do I write an article or a list? Do I list the names or just write an in-depth story about camping foods? Or can I make my list into an article.  I will do both and all, so here we go.    I have been camping many times over the past few years.  And though I do not consider myself a camping expert, I do feel that I have some great helpful hints for campers in the areas of food, hiking, putting up tents, selecting and purchasing tents and other ideas.  So, I will write a series of articles about camping, camping helpful hints, and other related items connected to camping, backpacking, hiking, and campfires, and the rest.   This article that I write here at this moment is totally dedicated to foods.  However, the article is geared to foods that you can take camping when you do not want to start fires, make campfires, or lug any cooking equipment.  Yes, you can camp out without the fire and without the charcoal and without finding firewood.  That does make camping easier for everyone and it lightens your pack.  The reason your pack is lighter is because each day as you eat, you have less in your pack, and you are not carrying matches, starter fluid, charcoal or other related items.   So now that I have explained myself, here is my list: 

Foods for a Fire-free camping excursion: 


  • Nuts, rice cakes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, already-popped popcorn, melba toast, dry cereals, 
  • saltine, ritz or other crackers, corn nuts, potato sticks in cans, all sorts of chips, and crackers


  • tuna, canned meat such as vienna sausages –these are delicious when cold or you can set them out in the sun for a while,
  • garbanza beans, sliced potatoes, peas


  • any variety of breads or crackers, rice cakes, mini-rice cakes, raisens, prunes, dried fruits,
  • apple dippers, health food crackers and snacks
  • dried fruit rolls or fruit wraps
  • peanut butter and jelly, sandwiches
  • laughing cow cheese, bon bell cheese  –neither of these need refrigeration or cooking
  • grated cheeses by the chunk or grated
  • candies, chocolate,
  • juices or milks in the parma packs  ; none of these need refrigeration
  • pickles, all sorts of pickles


  • fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, oranges, pea pods, grapefruits, watermelons, melons, pears, chinese apples, and pomegranates, and more
  • Loaves of Italian bread, sliced breads, RICE (see explanation below)
  • Anything else you have that does not need refrigeration or cooking

There is your list. You can pack any and all of that and avoid cooking and avoid needing ice or refrigeration.  Now for the rice.  Purchase minute rice.   You can soak minute rice in water out in the sun and have nice hot rice for your meal.  It works, try it.  Put the rice in a plastic clear container with some warm water.  Leave it out in the sun, and you will have hot cooked rice.  You can even just put it in water and you do not even need the sun , as long as it is minute rice. 

Hope this helps you.   Write with your own suggestions; I would love to hear them. 

I created this article on May 25, 2008.

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